Teacup Chihuahuas

There is no such thing as a

Teacup Chihuahua

Want to learn more about the Teacup Chihuahua?

Like the unicorn, the teacup chihuahua is a mythical beast. While chihuahuas themselves do exist and they are the smallest of all the dog breeds there really is no such thing as a teacup chihuahua. Teacup chihuahua is a name that has been coined so that unscrupulous breeders can convince potential buyers that their teacup chihuahuas are different from other chihuahuas and therefore are worth more. Other common names include micro chihuahua, mini chihuahua, micro teacup chihuahua, micro mini chihuahua, pocket chihuahua and toy chihuahua puppies.

The Teacup Chihuahua Truth

The truth is that most chihuahuas are extremely small when compared to other dog breeds. The AKC standards for chihuahuas states these little dogs weight full grown should be between 2 and 6 pounds with the smaller dog being the most desirable. However, it is somewhat uncommon for a teacup chihuahua to be under 4 pounds full grown. Still, one could probably argue that a 4 pound dog could easily be classified as teacup chihuahua if such a classification existed.

While those unscrupulous breeders may try and sell you a teacup chihuahua and even tell you the teacup chihuahua puppy you buy will only be 3 pounds full grown a real breeder will never make such a guarantee. Although there are many reputable breeders who breed the smallest lines possible of these dogs because they know from experience that the line has a lot to do with the size a puppy will grow into they also know that even with the very smallest lines possible there will be the odd puppy that will end up being larger than most of his parents and even most of his lines. The best a reputable breeder will do is give you his or her best guess as to how large that itty bitty teacup chihuahua puppy will be full grown.

Ask most people how big their “teacup chihuahua” grew to as an adult. 95% of the people I talk to say their “teacup chihuahua” is now 8, 10, and even 15 pounds!!! This is a term that is way over used and by people out to make a quick buck!

An Interesting Breed

Just because that chihuahua is not really a teacup chihuahua after all doesn’t mean that a chihuahua isn’t worth owning. The fact is that these are very cute little dogs and an extremely interesting breed. One of the things that make them so interesting is that there is so much variety in this breed of a dog. For starters there are short coated and long coated chihuahuas. And this breed of dog comes in every color under the sun and a few mixed colors as well. We commonly have white chihuahuas, tri colored chihuahuas, chocolate chihuahuas, cream chihuahuas, fawn chihuahuas, red chihuahuas and even sable chihuahuas!

They are also the only breed of dog that is born with an incomplete skull so they need a bit of extra care for about 6 months or so until their skull completely closes. If all that wasn’t interesting enough, their little bugged out eyes gives them a permanently startled expression that is simply too cute for words.

Small Dog Big Personality

While some people may feel justified in calling this breed of dog a teacup chihuahua due to it’s small size you can’t claim it has a teacup sized personality because this is one little dog whose personality would put most larger breeds to shame. While chihuahuas can be quite affectionate and bond closely with owners and even chihuahuas they don’t like strangers and they also aren’t fond of other dogs that are not of their own breed.

They can become very protective of “their people” and will protect those they love against all comers as they seem totally unaware of their size. This makes them a great watch dog but, not particularly a good dog to have around small children whose behavior to their parents can sometimes be misinterpreted by the chihuahua. It’s just as well since their small size makes small children’s clumsiness and accidental carelessness a threat to them as well. Although all of our puppies are handled daily by our young daughter and unlike most dogs, ours love children! A tiny teacup chihuahua is always going to be best suited to a home without small children. With people who will take them to work and on vacation, these teacup chihuahuas are excellent for singles, young married couples who aren’t ready for human babies and for empty nesters!

With their owners, a teacup chihuahua are definitely the epitome of a lap dog and many are quite content to sit on their owners lap for hours on end. They are also highly demanding of attention and this makes them seem a little too needy for some people and just perfect for others.

The smaller Teacup Chihuahuas are actually the perfect little dog for those who love dressing up their pets as they can be quite accommodating as long as they are getting the attention they crave. A teacup chihuahua are also the perfect dog for apartments as their small stature makes it difficult for them to indulge in long vigorous exercise sessions. A walk around the block is plenty for a teacup chihuahua since their little legs are short!

Teacup chihuahuas are also highly intelligent and love learning simple tricks and can even be natural comedians when the mood strikes them. There really is nothing cuter than a itty bitty chihuahua standing on it’s hind legs in a tutu dancing, or shaking or playing dead!

Looking for that teeny tiny, itty bitty size (aka teacup chihuahua)? In almost every litter born in our home there is one of these puppies. These little babies go fast and if you see one available on our site, it is best to put a deposit down. That way I can hold that little baby just for you.

A teeny tiny chihuahua really is the perfect pet for retired people who have a lot of time and love to devote to these little creatures but they can make a great pet for anyone who has a real understanding of the breed and their specific needs. So one shouldn’t mind that a teacup chihuahua is something of a mythical beast because the real chihuahua is just perfect the way he is and was meant to be. Most people love to tell you that their chihuahua, no matter the size, is a teacup chihuahua.

We will assist you in getting the size you wish and our lines are genetically small which gives a greater chance of the puppies being small in those lines. If what you’d like to bring home is a tiny chihuahua, or a couple of them, just ask! We have gorgeous chihuahua puppies for sale right now!