Sable Chihuahua

Sable colored chihuahua is something I always seem to have, I love how they keep me guessing. I’m no expert on them, but I’ll do my best to explain the sable markings and why we call a sable colored chihuahua “Magic Color Change Puppy”.

Sable colored chihuahua is born MUCH darker than they will be as adults. The sable color is more dominate when they or younger, as they grow, not as much is seen. How much of that sabling is left is always a mystery. Sable coloring can be black, chocolate or blue. A sable colored chihuahua has a base color, this is the color that will be more dominate when they are full grown. The base color is a red or yellow color such as cream, gold, fawn and red. Much of a sable colored chihuahua’s sabling will fade as they move into adulthood. Here are a few pictures to help explain this.

MarieNewbornMarie4wks Marie6wks MarieEightWeeksThis sable colored chihuahua is Marie, she was born a black sabled cream.

Here you can see just how light she is. She didn’t retain much of her black sable. You can see a bit around the face, and it’s also sprinkled in along her spine.