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Curious about our favorite dog products? Things we order time and time again? We get these questions so often I thought I’d include them on the website.

This is The Barnacle. Some of our chis get bored, mentally. This keeps them busy for hours. We only own 4, and I should order a couple more but it’s fun to watch the girls argue over them!


When I’m not bribing my ankle biters with human food (shame on me, I know!) we use Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats. They like all the flavors but prefer the salmon best. Plus, they are wheat, soy and corn free. 

If you’ve even owned a chi, you know how much they love to snuggle under covers. These FurHaven Round Snuggery Burrow Pet Beds are super awesome, I have one in the dog room, one in living room, one in my room and Frenchy has one in my daughter’s room. 

Our fur children eat like it’s their last meal. EVERYDAY. I love these DuraPet Slow Feed Bowls because mealtimes because nobody is choking and I don’t have to do the doggy Heimlich. Plus it’s stainless steel and not plastic. NEVER FEED YOUR PUP IN A PLASTIC BOWL. It can actually remove the color from the nose and cause canine acne. Yuck!


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