Litterbox Trained

All of our puppies are litter box trained

(and pee pad trained)


Wait, did that just say that ALL of our puppies are litter box trained? Yes, all of our puppies are litter box trained. At around 4wks of age our puppies start exploring their space and find the litter box. By 6wks of age they are completely litter box trained!

Don’t believe me? Every once in a while, you’ll see a puppy use the box during our adorable videos.  You can see our litter box trained chihuahua puppies take care of their business in their litter box!

Why Buy a Litter Box Trained Chihuahua Puppy?

Better question should be, Why wouldn’t you buy a litter box trained chihuahua puppy??? It makes things easier when you take them home. Imagine a cold or rainy day, you are late for work, and you are in walking circles trying to get them to potty. It would be so much easier if your chihuahua puppy came litter box trained! Read on to learn more about why a litter box trained chihuahua puppy makes takes away the stress of housebreaking.

Even the word “Housebreaking” sounds horrible!

There are so many ways to housebreak. Most methods had people calling me, frustrated, for the first two weeks! A few years ago, my brother told me that he wanted one of my puppies. He lives in a tiny apartment in NYC, and I started researching litter box training for chihuahua puppies. So even when the snow covers what little grass they have, he never has to worry about where his pup will potty! It is important to remember that your pup should be taken outside on a regular basis for exercise and Vitamin D.

How does it work?

Most of our litter box trained chihuahua puppies never have an accident, although a few take about 2 days to get used to a new litter box. If they get busy playing and forget to look around for the box, they might have an accident. No big deal! Just move the poop into the litter box, and that makes a big difference. If there is an adjustment period, it doesn’t take long before your pup is back to being a litter box trained chihuahua puppy!

We will walk you through getting all of the supplies, and are always happy to answer questions as your new litter box trained chihuahua puppy makes the transition into your home.

Don’t want a litter box trained chihuahua puppy?

Being litter box trained early in life will make any form of housebreaking you decide to do even easier! They transition to doing their business in the backyard super easy.  If you just don’t want to mess with litter, you can place a pee pad IN the litter box! I’m not a fan of a pee pad on the floor. Even a perfectly pee pad trained pup can “miss” and you have to clean up a mess. Placing the pad in the box eliminates 99.99999% of pee pad accidents!
litter box trained chihuahua puppies