How to Buy

Think you need a BonBon too?


Included With Your Puppy

Each of our puppies comes with AKC Limited registration papers, a small bag of food, their favorite toy, copy of shot/wormer records & health guarantee.

All AKC registered puppies come with Limited papers meaning you can not breed or show them. This is to protect our bloodlines and those from top bloodlines around the world that we carry here. Those papers will have “BonBons” as the prefix of their registered name, you fill in your pup’s name after that. Like BonBons Pardon My French, we just call her “Frenchy” around the house!


Forms of Payment

We accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, in addition to credit cards or cash.



Shipping for a second puppy is just $150 extra, even if you and a friend are buying. Let your puppies share the air!

There is a 5% discount for cash payment.



Prices Start at $2800

Deposit Required           50%

First Pick Female          $4200

First Pick Male              $3800

Second Pick Female      $3600

Second Pick Male          $3200

If you would like First or Second Pick of the Litter, please understand the following before you place your deposit.

Because of the number of referrals and repeats, our puppies are spoken for incredibly fast.

  • We Will Talk First– These are my babies and a conversation is required BEFORE I accept a deposit. I will ask personal questions about you, your home and life, about anyone else that lives with you. I want to feel comfortable with you as a Forever Home for one of our little BonBons.
  • First Come, First Served– We allow people to pick puppies in the order that deposits are received. The exception to this would be that if we are keeping a puppy from a litter, we will chose before offering other puppies up for choosing. We reserve the right to pick first and make any puppy unavailable to the public.
  • Deposits– To get the pick of the litter, your deposit will probably have to be received before the births or immediately after the births. Chihuahua litters are small and we have a great demand, so I only allow deposits on two males and two females on each litter.
  • Time to Pick– You must choose your puppy by 4 weeks of age. You will see newborn photos, eyes open photos (around 2wks), 4 week photos and a video at 4 weeks to help you make your choice.
  • Guarantees– Our normal health guarantee applies for puppies. If we find that a puppy has a fault before it leaves our home, which is rare, we will offer you a refund, an exchange for another similar puppy, or a partial refund if you choose to keep your puppy.
  • All Deposits– If you are interested in making a deposit, please feel free to contact us to determine availability of pups. Be advised that availability can and sometimes DOES change within hours or overnight. Deposits can be made by cash (5% discount), check or Paypal (4% fee). If you send a personal check, your check will not be logged in until the check is cashed and cleared. Just because you SAY you will send a deposit does not automatically reserve a pup for you.
  • If Your Desired Sex Isn’t Available– If the sex you want is not available after birth, you may put that deposit toward another pup, an upcoming litter or I will refund your deposit. Otherwise, all deposits are non-refundable.

Issues to Consider

  1. If you do not feel comfortable picking your puppy as an infant based upon the parents, the bloodlines, past puppies, the colors, markings, and gender, you should not request a pick of the litter.
    Puppies don’t show their dispositions until they are almost ready to leave us (and even at that time, their personalities still change a great deal due to normal stages of cognitive development all breeds of puppies progress through). So, reserving a puppy is only an option if you are comfortable with the chihuahua breed as a whole, and you can choose a puppy while it is still an infant.
  2. What if you are not first in line? Will you be able to accept a different puppy if someone ahead of you chooses the puppy you liked the best? Click here to see the list of reservations, to see where you would be on that list (opens in a new window).
  3. Can you move your deposit to another litter? Yes! If life gets a little crazy, and you’d like to push back the timeline, you can do that! I’d prefer that your new BonBon comes into a stress free home. Bringing a new puppy in during a move, new job or a lot of chaos and stress can effect how house breaking goes.
  4. How many people are in line in front of me? We keep an updated list on the New Puppies page.


Deposits on Already Born Pups

We Can Not Hold A Puppy Without A Deposit!!!

We hold certain puppies back until they are a little older. We are waiting to see if they fit all the stringent requirements and would be a good fit for the show ring. Sometimes, we decide not to show that pup and have a slightly older pup available. Their “faults” will be incredibly slight. For us to invest the time and money into showing a dog, we want them as close to perfect as possible. So these older pups were our pick of the litter at the time!

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your new puppy. Deposit is required within 3 days of verbal agreement. During that 3 day period, the pup will be placed on a temp hold.

The balance must be paid by 8wks of age. Payment time line will be decided on a individual basis. Puppies will not go to their new homes unless they are paid in full.

If you would like to send funds to place a deposit on a puppy or to pay off your puppy, there are a couple of ways to do that.  If you pay in cash, there is a 5% discount. If we can work with you through our bank, and there is no fee involved, you can transfer funds directly. Paypal is also one the quickest methods of payment, you can transfer funds directly or use a credit card, there is a 4% fee to use Paypal.  We do accept US Postal Service Money Orders and we recommend that you send the payment to us certified, priority, express mail, Western Union, or via Federal Express, all of which are fairly inexpensive. These methods give you added assurance by allowing you to track your deposit while en-route to us by it’s tracking number in case it were to get lost in the mail. Please inquire of your method of payment before sending.

Any and all monies received are non-refundable UNLESS the puppy you have on hold dies while still in our care. In a rare case like that, we will return your deposit or you may choose to apply that money towards another puppy.

We reserve the right to refuse a puppy to anyone, for any reason.



We now only fly puppies with our dog nanny. Your new baby will ride IN CABIN with her, and not in the cargo hold. Shipping is $400. This is the only way we will send our pups. It is an extra $50 more than most breeders charge for cargo shipping, but this is the safest way to ship. If you were to ship them in cargo, they are likely sharing a space with pit bulls, snakes, birds, mice…a nice mixture of all of God’s creatures! That’s pretty intimidating to a puppy, even a mighty chihuahua.

When they ride with our nanny, they are getting personal, one on one attention. The money is paid directly to the puppy nanny when you meet your pup. We feel like it’s a steal for the personal attention they receive!

We PREFER you pick your BonBon up in person. We want you to see our home, and that your new baby was raised in a normal, clean home. We do not have outside kennel areas.
*Remember* You can ship two pups for just an extra $150, ask about our Multi-Pup Discount Price on the two babies of your choice!*


Health Guarantee

We do offer a 1yr health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects. We will send you a copy of the BonBon Puppy Contract, sign & date and send it back. This must be sent back within 10 days of the puppy’s arrival to validate your health guarantee.



People often ask to visit the very young puppies. We have been advised by our vet that puppies should not be brought out to see prospective buyers until they are at least 6 weeks of age with some immunity built up against infectious diseases and illnesses and have had their first shots. There is a real danger that diseases can migrate into our homes and puppies that are not yet vaccinated will be susceptible to these viruses and bacteria.

We provide photos of our puppies on our website. You can also request to see video of the puppies. Then, if you have reserved a puppy with us, we send out photos by e-mail every two weeks so you can watch your puppy grow! Once the puppies are about 6 weeks old, if you are on a reservation list you will be able to come and visit the puppies in an area separate from the main kennel.

We realize families would like to come and visit to see puppies and our dogs, but in order to protect people’s puppies and our own dogs, we have been advised that we must follow this limited visitor’s policy. There was an instance of a terrible tragedy where an entire litter of puppies and their mother died in a three day period after having been accidentally exposed to parvo virus brought in by a visitor who had been to the county Humane Society before visiting the kennel. The risks are very real. We take this very serious, as should you, if you are looking to buy a chihuahua puppy.


Finding a Reputable Breeder

Beware of those breeders who suggest meeting in a parking lot, and don’t invite you into their homes to see how and where your puppy grew up! There are too many brokers and puppy mills out there who have all kinds of tricks. Lookout for those who try to sell you a chi puppy at 6wks of age. They should be kept another couple of weeks to watch for signs of hypoglycemia. The health of our babies is my number one concern, I tend to be a little more conservative when it comes when they can go to their new home. Our puppies normally stay with us until a minimum of 9 weeks of age. Check out our available puppies page to help in your search to buy a chihuahua puppy.