Boy or Girl Chi

Boy or Girl?

That is the Question!

Trying to decide on a boy or girl puppy? Male or female puppy?

Here are a few of the reasons why boys are my favorite.

  • If fixed by 6mo old, they will not learn to lift their leg & mark. I know quite a few UNFIXED males that never lift their leg to mark (my brother’s dog is 8 and he’s never had an issue)
  • When you ask a male puppy to do something, they do it, because they love you. Females are more likely to look at you and roll their eyes, she will do it because you told her to.
  • Bitches are called that for a reason!
  • Two girls tend to get “catty” with each other.
  • Females also commonly lift their leg to mark.
  • My boys love everyone, my girls love one person…typically my husband!

If I were only to have pet puppies, they’d all be boys!

I hope this helps you make the choice on boy vs girl puppy.